January 4, 2010

2010 – our resolutions for the year

2010 – our resolutions for the year

Here at Orchard HQ we take the turn of the year (decade even) very seriously. It’s a good time to think about our industry, our business and ourselves.

What will we achieve in 2010? Well, we’ve made some resolutions…

This year, we at Orchard resolve:

  • To plan reasonably far ahead.
  • To win more clients!
  • To take a lunch hour
  • To be even more strategic
  • To phone journalists sometimes instead of emailing them
  • To use less silly business jargon terminology
  • To enter a team into the mud and fun run
  • To give out more business cards than our MD Steve!
  • To eat an apple a day – we are an Orchard after all
  • To drink more (water)
  • To appear less in the GBG and Guernsey Now galleries
  • To investigate (even) more financial journals
  • To clearly explain to the world the difference between ‘advertising’ and ‘PR’
  • To learn a new word a day
  • To completely ban the word ‘delighted’ from Orchard news releases.
  • To pay more attention to social media.

So – what have you resolved to do this year?

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