April 13, 2016

The inside line on working at Orchard

The inside line on working at Orchard

As we’re on the lookout for a new Account Executive (AE) I’ve asked the team a few questions (and even answered them myself) to get a sense of what we get up to on a day-to-day basis.

A two-parter to start: What’s the most interesting thing about your job, and what’s your favourite thing?

Sarah: My favourite thing about working at Orchard is having a day that starts with me drafting a relatively technical news release and ends with me taking a picture of some squid next to an ill turtle. The variety in the job is also the most interesting aspect of it.

Dan: The most interesting part is getting under the skin of a client to help them write articles and blogs. It’s a really good skill to have. My favourite thing is working with like-minded people and having discussions about words all day. That and getting to come up with actual puns for my actual job.

Ellen: It’s interesting to have a variety of different clients and this gives you a lot of skills in different areas. My favourite bit of the job is going on adventures, whether it’s filming on the cliffs for a promotional video or overseeing a media interview on an electricity tower. Every day is different!

Martha: My favourite things are the satisfaction of securing great coverage for a client, getting to write every day and working with a brilliant team who make me laugh. The most interesting is problem-solving.

Ok that one was easy, everyone likes talking about nice things. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

S: The most challenging part of my job is taking a very technical subject and translating it so that it’s accessible to all.

D: End of month coverage evaluation reports is always a stressful time but it’s one of the most important things we do in terms of adding value for our clients.

Chloe: As you deal with a lot of different clients on a daily basis it’s important to be very organised and keep on top of your work load.

M: Balancing different client work and meeting conflicting deadlines is a challenge… but it keeps things interesting!

Thanks guys. Finally, and most importantly, who makes the best tea in the office?

S: As a peppermint tea drinker….it’s not that difficult to get it right (or shouldn’t be… yes, you leave the bag in!). The person who makes me the most drinks is probably Martha.

D: Chris. It takes a person who drinks strong tea to make good tea for a fellow strong-tea-drinker.

E: I had to start drinking tea again purely to answer this and out of the two people that have made me tea I would have to say Chloe was the best.

C: The best tea-maker is Harriet; she knows how I like my tea.

So, if you want a career that’s varied, where you learn new skills and you get to work with loads of great tea-makers then apply for a job with us at Orchard PR. Find out more here: www.orchardpr.com/careers

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