May 29, 2012

Degree, or not degree?

Degree, or not degree?

As one of the few non-graduates at Orchard Towers I often wonder what it was that made me stand out from other degree-educated applicants and land me a job as an account executive.

There’s been a fair bit of chatter about whether degrees are worth the money when you could be spending three years climbing the ladder and this is particularly relevant in sectors such as communications where competition for roles is fierce.

CIPR president Sally Sykes recently visited the Channel Islands and when we went along to her seminar we discussed how PR is not a graduate only profession. She said that it was important to find your own way; that might mean a degree for some and a route through journalism for others. It’s all about whatever works best for you.

So if you choose not to get a degree in PR, how are you going to prove that you have what it takes?

Dirk Singer at The Rabbit Agency claims not to read CVs anymore preferring to look instead at social networks and blog activity. This is a tried and tested method of attracting an employer’s attention; I have a sneaking suspicion Steve will have checked out my blog before signing me up. Social media gives you an opportunity to prove you’re good at writing compelling content (which is a pretty important part of working in PR) rather than just claiming to enjoy writing in an interview.

CIPR CEO Jane Wilson also recommends using social media to show that you have ‘an informed and unique viewpoint’ so don’t worry about constantly tweeting about PR: a little personality and your own opinions can take you a long way.

What else can you do to get yourself a career in PR? Check out these tips for graduates; they apply to everyone looking to hop on to the ladder and start impressing people.

Posted by Chloe.

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