May 8, 2012

Feeling liberated?

Feeling liberated?

The 9th May 1945 is an important date in Guernsey’s history as it marks the end of Nazi occupation during the Second World War; a significant part of the island’s complex history.

Every year islanders celebrate Liberation Day to remember the difficult times and those that experienced them and to revel in everything that makes Guernsey special.

A quick survey of team Orchard shows a keen few ‘lib dayers’, so here are their thoughts on the high points of Guernsey’s very own public holiday.

Harry: “The best thing about liberation day is getting together with friends to celebrate in town. You always end up bumping into someone you haven’t seen in years and having a good catch-up.”

Emma: “The occupation and all that happened in Guernsey during that period of Channel Islands history is pivotal to life here and this seems to mean more to me the older I get.”

Di: “Going into Town to lap up all the nostalgia going on and this year to listen to Dealer’s Left who are kicking off Lib Rock, on the Albert Pier!”

Our team have some ideas on ways we can make Liberation Day even better…

Harry and Chloe: “Bring back the fair!”

Cat: “Like the Queen’s jubilee later this year, I would give everyone another day off on the 10th to recover from the festivities.”

Steve: “I think we should be exploring more ways of keeping Liberation real for younger people – the digital generation.”

Emma: “I think the Liberation Day celebrations are a real testament to the coming together of the island and the fact it is not “over-produced” means there is something for everyone from vintage cars and remembrance to fireworks and parties. It is perfect as it is.”

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