September 15, 2017

House of Ethics

House of Ethics

In the aftermath of the Bell Pottinger scandal – an embarrassing disservice to the modern PR profession – it was hardly surprising that “ethics” was a watchword in Michael Dobbs’ speech yesterday to the annual Chartered Institute of Public Relations Fellows’ lunch.

The grand setting of the House of Lords, while well within the comfort zone of Lord Dobbs (former adviser to Margaret Thatcher and author of House of Cards) was perhaps old-fashioned, even old school. But the room was full of pioneers, innovators and leaders in the communications industry – more importantly people who are fully signed up to a professional body where ethics and a code of conduct are central to 21st century PR practice.

“We have a capacity for recovery, moving forward and overcoming mistakes,” said Lord Dobbs, speaking more widely about government and a future UK outside of Europe.

Of course that is true and we will only succeed in consigning old habits and perceptions of PR to the history books when we can truly and universally demonstrate a commitment to ethical practice in this increasingly transparent world where the truth will out.

At Orchard it’s not fear of being exposed that keeps us on the ethical straight and narrow- rather, like the CIPR, we firmly believe that ethics are central to our work – for ourselves, our clients and the stakeholders with whom they communicate.

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