September 4, 2017

Orchard PR – the next chapter in our story

Orchard PR – the next chapter in our story

It’s a privilege to have created a market-leading business where the culture is such that people we’ve helped to grow and develop have come to value the brand so highly that they’re prepared to invest in it, take it for their own and push it further, driving it towards an exciting future.

Orchard has always been about its people – talented, committed, qualified, loyal, energetic and fun people that together have produced professional, industry-benchmarked ethical practice and award-winning results.

It’s been not only a family business but also a business family.

Now, as with all families, it’s time for the next generation to draw on what they’ve learnt and experienced, building on what’s been established yet pushing new boundaries to stay at the forefront of professional communications consultancy, reassured and energised by the legacy of what’s gone before.

Having founded Orchard 21 years ago it’s been more of a cherished child than a brainchild to me and as I gradually move aside over the medium term to allow Brooke and Chris to succeed I know I will look with satisfaction and pride on their achievements.

In PR we’re all about storytelling – helping our clients communicate through their challenges and successes.

Every story has an end. For Orchard this is a new beginning.

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