July 14, 2017

PR uncovered: Work Experience style

PR uncovered: Work Experience style

This week we have been fortunate to have Beth Brown with us in the office on work experience. A creative writer, Beth was keen to explore what a career in PR might offer her. Here are her thoughts on her week in the Orchard…

For a week in July, Orchard were kind enough to arrange a work experience placement for me. I’m a soon-to-be third year student at Bath Spa University, studying Creative Writing with English Literature. Summer 2017 is an important time for me to gain industry insights and experience to better pave my post-degree path.

My chief passion is writing, so I knew I needed to look into industries that rely on this skill. After some research, I learnt that PR agencies like Orchard focus on communication, both written and verbal. What better place for a student writer? I took a leap and inquired, and I’m so glad that I did.

Fresh on a Monday morning, I had no idea what to expect. The PR industry is something of an enigma to the general public. Many people have an idea of what PR is but don’t often know the details. I knew that PR agencies dealt with client reputation and image, but how they worked at this was a mystery. I cracked the case as the week took its course.

Beth Brown

Orchard are clued in to island life – the success of their agency relies on it. I can see that the reputation of a brand is built on the day-to-day diligence of the team, as they monitor all mentions of their clients on every form of media, both online and off. Having to stay updated on current affairs was exciting and made me realise how vibrant our island is – there’s always something new happening which can affect the course of a working day in PR.

One of the things I most enjoyed about the role was in how much variety it contained. I’ve learnt new forms of writing and their conventions, like drafting a press release. I’ve also touched on familiar writing forms like tweets and blog posts. Writing for a personal blog is a keen hobby of mine, so to do this in a professional setting was fun and insightful.

I wrongly assumed that this role would require me sitting at a desk all day, yet I found myself pleasantly surprised, visiting client offices and even meeting the occasional CEO. It’s clear that not all client liaising happens via phone and email – a big chunk of it happens in person to better cement the relationship between client and agency.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Orchard and want to thank them for the opportunity. The Orchard team were very welcoming and informative. I’ve had an in-depth experience of the industry and I’m now considering PR as one of my options following graduation.

Top image: Teresa Kluge

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