September 20, 2017

The future of PR?

The future of PR?

Today is the CIPR Channel Islands’ group’s PR Forum event, a gathering of PR people from across Guernsey and Jersey featuring expert speakers and panel events. Orchard is the headline sponsor for the event and a few of us will be attending later on.

To inspire our team we asked them to create something that described the future of PR. We kept the brief loose; after all the mediums we work with are changing all the time and any future-gazing exercise should bear this in mind.

First up is Megan, and her video about the future of newspapers:


Ellen went for an infographic, outlining the key elements of successful PR in 2022:

Leanne produced a slide deck full of interesting information about the history of PR and how we can predict the future based on the evolution of the industry so far:

And finally, apprentice Chris owned up to not knowing which direction PR will go in, but that he was looking forward to finding out…

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