Elliot and Harvey Falla

Conveying emotions through music

Conveying emotions through music

Instead of a written blog, we decided to make a video about communicating through music. Our idea was to play a simple game where we wrote down some emotions onto pieces of paper and, one at a time, we played a tune synonymous with the feeling while the other guessed which emotion we were trying to convey.

If you watch our video, we hope you’ll see how music can convey a range of different feelings, emotions, and meanings – all dependent on how you manipulate it.

Thanks for watching – and happy birthday Orchard!

Photo credit: Tom Girard, BBC Introducing Guernsey


Elliot and Harvey are the sons of Steve and Lois, the managing directors of Orchard. Their chosen charity is Tumaini Fund. This charity helps orphans in Tanzania, mainly the Kagera region, building wells, helping orphans so that they can be fed, clothed and go to school.