September 20, 2016

Celebrating ‘twenty’ years

Celebrating ‘twenty’ years

Effective communication impassions, empowers, energises, motivates, facilitates, moderates and placates.

It’s such a privilege to work in a profession that is centred on communication alongside some incredible clients to produce tangible, desirable outcomes.

In 2016 we celebrated 20 years since the first seed of Orchard was planted. So much in the media world has changed since 1996 but, in essence, the core skill is the same. Storytelling. Presenting the right message, in the right way to the right audience.


To celebrate our success we invited 20 people in our circle to make a contribution to our special 20th anniversary blog. Some are clients, some are friends, and some are associates at the forefront of their field including business, sport, music, politics and charity. They all have one thing in common – they recognise the importance of communication in achieving results.

To share in our success we donated £5,000 across the range of very worthwhile causes nominated by our guest bloggers.

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our friends’ thoughts on communication as much as we’ve enjoyed compiling them.

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