Bethan Lewis

Strive for excellence and speak like a human

Strive for excellence and speak like a human

I’ve been lucky enough to work in the world of communications for many years now, helping to make creative marketing for various products and services. Finding fresh, innovative creative ways to communicate your brand or product can be a big challenge. I’ve recently moved from London to Kenya and despite the huge differences in markets, there are some things that remain true to making great comms, no matter where you are in the world.

Understanding your audience is a no-brainer for anyone in communications, we spend so much time understanding our users so we can speak to them in a way that matters to them. Gathering insights that lead to commonalities with your audience can be the springboard for the best creative ideas.

Even if we’re making an advertising campaign to talk to millions of people, we always imagine we’re speaking to just one. Even if you’re a global tech brand, you need to speak to people like humans.

Striving for creative excellence is essential no matter if it’s an online banner ad or TV spot, making sure you put out the best quality work will ensure your comms stands out, is memorable and works.

At Google we aim to make all our marketing useful, this could be to entertain or educate. In a world with a million different pieces of comms being flown at people every day, making sure yours doesn’t add to the noise is important. If you’ve managed to grab someones attention, even for a second, you should make sure they come away happy you communicated with them.


Bethan Lewis is a Brand Manager at Google. Beth’s chosen charity is The Good Life Orphanage. This charity is family run, raising money to care and educate 70 orphaned children in Kenya.