Sarah Jarvis

The power of communications

The power of communications

My whole life seems to have involved some form of “communication”: I was a very loquacious child (I still talk non-stop, as my poor husband and family will testify), I read voraciously and I am passionate about language.  I guess that it was inevitable that I would be drawn to jobs which use those skills.  Apart from working as a marketing and PR manager in a number of sectors, I also enjoyed a period of time working as a lecturer, teaching marketing to undergraduates and coaching adults through professional qualifications with the CIM and the CMI.  Sharing knowledge about something I love, and seeing the metaphorical light come on in a student’s eyes, is quite the feeling let me tell you!

Communication has changed so much since I began my working life.  Sometimes I worry that I can’t write with a pen anymore, since my life is spent with a keyboard and screen… and my enthusiastic adoption of a variety of social media has simply made that worse!  Even writing a letter or sending a birthday card seems to test my muscle memory and my fingers itch to type the message instead.  I feel the responsibility and weight of communication, every time I post on the company Facebook page, or send a text to a friend, or speak on the phone to a colleague, or sit with my kids asking about their day.  One lapse in attention, one careless word, a shift in body language – and everything can change.

The power of communication remains entrancing to me, however: how your tone of voice and choice of words can shape and influence your personal brand, as well as that of the business you work for, never ceases to fascinate me.

And yes, clearly, it seems I will never stop talking 😉


Sarah Jarvis is the Marketing and PR Manager at Sure Isle of Man. Sarah’s chosen charity is Dream Catcher in Isle of Man. The charity was originally started by Manx Radio in 2008 and its purpose is to make a difference to people who need support: ‘to help bring their dreams to life’. The charity does not give donations of money, but rather respond to requests for products and services