December 8, 2009

Upbeat PR industry in the Channel Islands

Upbeat PR industry in the Channel Islands

Some recent research by the CIPR has highlighted the resilient mood of the PR sector in the Channel Islands, showing that the sector is still growing, despite the recession.

The ComRes survey of some 2,000 Chartered Institute of Public Relations members  highlighted that the greatest growth has been experienced in digital PR, followed by reputation management, crisis management and strategic planning.

Chair of our local CIPR group, Jason MacKenzie, said in a statement: “This is definitely the time when PR practitioners will be concentrating on the value they can add to the businesses they represent. Like many other professionals we have to work harder, proactively and more flexibly during a wholesale squeeze on budgets.”

The wider survey did also identify areas of shrinkage, with sponsorship a key theme.

The Channel Islands might be a special case here. Sponsorships are still very much on the agenda for many local businesses, and at Orchard we haven’t seen a wholesale abandonment of support inititiatives – it is true however, that businesses are looking for more value from their sponsorship deals: sticking a brand name on something definitely isn’t enough any more!

So what have we learnt from the survey? Principally that PR, like any industry, is a moving feast. Adapting your business to circumstances, keeping pace with technology and media consumption trends are vital – flexibility is key to survival indeed!



Posted by Chris

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